Holsheimer Family Tree
v.l.n.r. Boven: Henri Wilhelm Holsheimer ?(I038)?, Helena Henri�tte Essers ?(I039)?, ?, ? Onder: Zuster Gerritje Schokkenkamp, Albertus Johannes Holsheimer?(I010)?, Albertus Johannes Holsheimer?(I015)?, Gerritje Schokkenkamp ?(I011)?, Hendrik Bernard Holsheimer ?(I013)
From left to right above: Henri Wilhelm Holsheimer (I038), Helena Henriette Essers (I039), Bartha Johanna Vrielink (I033), Johannes Albertus Holsheimer (I030). Below: Sister Gerritje Schokkenkamp, Albertus Johannes Holsheimer (I010), Albertus Johannes Holsheimer(I015), Gerritje Schokkenkamp(I011), Hendrik Bernard Holsheimer (I013)
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